Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The List

I have to say, blogging from home is really nice.  I enjoy sitting at my refinished desk in my refinished chair and feeling all grown up and cool.  :)  Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a nerd?

Anyway, I was thinking today that it is time to actually write out my Christmas Shopping List.  I have a good idea for some items, but I need to write them out.  My goal is to be done with my shopping by Thanksgiving and I am trying really hard to do that.  That means that there are 3 pay periods between now and then.  A little at a time makes it seem like less of a shock to the bank account.  Have you made your list yet?  Are you even thinking about Christmas?

Don't worry, I am still excited for Halloween!  It's one of my favorite holidays.  I am working on a terrific costume.  I'm still a little undecided.  I have the cake idea already for Little A's birthday, and his present came in the mail yesterday.  My decorations are out also and I have made plans to help my Grandma pass out candy again this year.  I have noticed that there are only a few kids in my neighborhood, so it's to Grandma's house I will go.  :)

Although, Christmas shopping is still in my mind.  There is a lot to accomplish between now and then and I want to be prepared and relaxed as opposed to stressed and worried. 

I am going to start making my list now.  What about you?


Gwen said...

Glad I'm not the only one preparing to shop. Actually I would like to be done by Halloween but that just won't happen. I've got my list done now I just need to put it into action! Good luck with your shopping!

Lin said...

I'm tempted to start my Christmas shopping already. My husbands stopped me so far but honestly I think if I get to it now I wont feel so overwhelmed later :)