Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Ranting

I have a little ranting that needs to be expressed and taken care of.  I have tried really hard to keep my irritation/anger away from my blog, but I need to get this out.  I hope to feel better very soon.

I love my job, but I hate having to wait for someone to finish a small task so that I can finish the damn project.  I've got at least 4 projects that would only take me about two hours total to complete.  Instead, they have been dragged out for weeks. Weeks!

College students are stupid.  They think that a 4 lane road (the third busiest in the city) is safe to cross during rush hour traffic.  Hey! Why don't you use the two F * cking crosswalks that are available for your safety?

My neighbors in my apartment complex need to learn that the door will shut completely without the need to slam it.  One minute, you are enjoying a nice relaxing evening, then SLAM!  You are laying down to go to sleep, then SLAM!  Seriously people.  Stop this.

The remote control to my digital converter (antenna) has stopped working.  Even after trying multiple batteries, it won't work.  That's really annoying since I only got the thing a few short months ago.

The rain we received this afternoon/evening prevented me from going to the grocery store after work.  I really need to go and get some staples.  You know how awkward it is to carry groceries and an umbrella.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Also, that cold front that is moving across the country is very much welcomed, but the temperature went from 78 degrees at lunch to 45 degrees at 5 pm.

Melody keeps dragging leaves into the house and shredding them to bits.  She's lucky she is so cute.  She also goes to the door to be let out and when she's outside, she just stands there and does nothing!

Why do planners have to be so expensive?  I found one that's not too bad, but I am waiting for just the right time to purchase.

The women in my building at work really need to learn to flush the toilet.  And, in addition to that, make sure the toilet flushes ALL THE WAY!   No one wants to see you waste.  Learn what a courtesy flush is while you're at it.

Apparently, my face thinks it's time for a second round of puberty and breaks out in the weirdest places.  Come on!  I thought we were supposed to grow out of acne?

I wish I could find a lamp already.  I really need one on my end table, but I haven't been able to find one that I really like for a good price.

One of my neighbors leaves their bags of trash outside their door for days.  Yes, days.  I just heard them put another bag out there tonight.  It's not that far to the dumpster.  It takes less then 3 minutes to get there and back.

Okay, I think that is enough for now.  I feel better.


Lin said...

You're not the only one going through a second round of puberty. Its gross & I hate it.

Ew...I know men are known for being gross in the bathroom but women, really? Courtesy flushes are a must.

Dud you should totally put in a complaint with the apartment manager about your neighbors slamming the door & leaving the nasty trash outside. Tell them the smell has a tendency to reach your door & it's disturbing. I'm sure you can tell them you want to keep it anonymous too.

Meg said...

everyone need to have a little rant every now and then!
just nominated you for Liebster award on my blog!

Gwen said...

Our neighbors leave garbage outside too. Luckily they are two yard lengths away from us but every time I look out my kitchen window I see a mound of white garbage bags sitting on their deck. Best part is when they leave their giant dog outside too long and he proceeds to shred the bags all over their yard. GRRR!!!

And planners ARE expensive. Kind of crazy since it's just paper. You should make one and have it printed/bound. It would be cheaper and you could totally put your own holidays in. :)