Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was another sort of busy one.  I also realized that this weekend and next weekend will be busy too.  It's almost like working events again.  Except this time, the stuff I do is fun.  :)

Friday:  I took Melody to the vet for a check up.  She is up to 6 pounds now and when I asked the vet about how big she will get, he told me that she is just about done growing.  She still has ear mites, but the infection is getting better.  She also got a shot and she didn't like that at all.  :( 

After the vet, I delivered the last of my baked goods for the month to my grandma for the bake sale for the senior center.  I was very pleased with my snickerdoodle recipe, although I was really concerned when I  discovered that the dough was really sticky.  I haven't heard how the sale went, but I am curious. 

After Grandma's Melody and I visited my mom and Annie.  Dad was out of town, so it was just us girls.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch so I stayed over. 

Saturday:  After breakfast, I was trying to watch some Family Guy, but couldn't keep my eyes open.  So, at noon, I laid down and didn't wake up until 2 pm!  I was really tired.  Melody and I went home and I finished all of my laundry, cleaned the potty patch, picked up the kitchen, and made some dinner.  It was a successful day by the end of it.

Sunday:  I went to PetSmart to get the carrier I mentioned in a previous post.  Even though it is for dogs up to 10 pounds and mine is only 6, it was just a little too small, so I am going to take it back for the next size up.  I would rather she be comfortable.  I also got Melody a cute little sweater.  In the afternoon, I ironed my 1.5 week's worth of clothing.  This really wasn't as much as it seems.  Then, my parents and I went out for drinks and munchies.  I spent the rest of the evening resting.

Monday:  When I got home from work, I  began cooking a recipe of my mom's, Baked Chicken and Rice.  This is one of my favorite meals and the first time I have ever tried to make it.  I will find out if its any good tonight.  Later in the evening, I received a call from my mom that my cousins had been in a terrible car accident and that one of them was airlifted to the hospital.  This accident involved my cousin's wife, a 13 month old, a 6 week old, and the wife's niece, who is sixteen.  It was terrible, but don't worry, we have learned that they are all going to be okay.  There are some injuries and a long road to recovery ahead, but things are looking brighter. 

Although, my aunt, uncle, mom and myself could all have done without their ignorant pastor and his wife.  He began to tell very inappropriate stories about accidents and death.  I could go into more detail, but I won't because it still pisses me off.  The guy is a kook.  He is also the one who married them a few years ago.  That should be enough to explain this guy. 

So, to wrap it all up, "Here's to the rest of the week!"

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Lin said...

What a fun weekend! I slept in a bit this weekend too, until 9am. I know, crazy. lol