Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was busy.  In fact, the past few weekends have been busy.  I need a weekend of nothing now and I know its not going to come anytime soon.  Although, this past weekend was fun.

Friday:  I mentioned in my last post that attempting to fill your social calendar can throw you out of your comfort zone.  Well, I really threw myself out of the comfort zone by attending a party for intimate products.  I am one of the most modest people you will ever meet and this was a big deal.  After the party got going, I was able to lighten up and actually enjoy myself, but those first 20-30 minutes were rough.  I am glad I went though.

Saturday:  Tiger Tailgate!  Mizzou joined the SEC this year and Saturday was our first game.  We played Georgia and did well during the first half.  Things started to go downhill in the second half, but I was surprised with how well we did.  We could always do better, but I was expecting a blow out.  Tailgating is one of my favorites and I had a blast!  There is always good people watching at tailgates too.  This Saturday did not disappoint.  After the tailgate, it was laundry time.  Fun.

Sunday:  I finished up laundry and hung out with the dogs at my parents house during the day.  That was nice and relaxing.  In the evening, my cousin and I took my grandma out to celebrate Grandparent's Day.  We love taking her out and she really enjoys spending time with us.  We all had a good meal too.  I ended up getting home later than I would have liked, but I still had a nice weekend. 

I am looking forward to a weekend were I don't have to travel and I don't think that is going to happen soon at all.  I would like a day where I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to.  :)  That would be nice.

How was your weekend?

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Lin said...

Oh my gosh, the first 'adult product' party I went to was at my aunts house & I was devastated by how raunchy they got. I'm no where near modest but your family members talking about edible undies is not cool. Glad you finally warmed up to it though :)