Friday, September 7, 2012

Things I've Learned as an Adult

Here is the most recent list of things I've learned as an adult:

Budgets suck.  If you don't watch them very carefully, a single (or three, in my case) transaction will send yours into a giant mess that needs to be cleaned up.

I love my new apartment, even if my cabinets and fridge are not as full as I would like.  Priorities are to be considered.

Your parents are going to worry about you now matter how old you are.  That's appreciated, even if on the front its really annoying.

College students today are really stupid...and rude.  They should go back to childhood and learn pedestrian safety, bicycle hand signals, and manners.  The sad thing is, I am only a few years older than these students (less than 10 years).

Working to fill you social calendar will open you up to new experiences.  Some may be uncomfortable.  (More on this next week)

Stress will turn you into a bitch.  It's not on purpose and I certainly don't mean to hurt the feelings of others, but the smallest thing can set you off.  If I were to make a list of all the things that have annoyed me to the extreme this week, you might find it funny that I got so worked up. 

Perspective is important.

Having no idea how to start dating again and fear of the unknown can really freak you out. There is now a total of 6 people who have told me to go onto  I've thought about it a tiny bit, but alas, no internet at home and I sure as hell am not going to log on at work.

Little things can bring you joy.  Last night, it was the fluffy-ness of my puppy...even if she did poop on my carpet.

That's all for now.  Have you signed up for the swap?

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Lin said...

oh my gosh...yes! Budgeting sucks so damn bad cause it reminds me that I cant just spend money I worked hard for all willy nilly. I think you should really try online dating, there are a lot of hot dudes out there that are just tired of running into hussies at the bar :/

Stress makes you a bitch? So I wasnt born this way? haha