Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September has shaped up to be a busy month.  I have actually had to turn down invites!  I have never had that problem before.  I think I may have to start using my planner again, and more efficiently.  I may also have to learn about the "tasks" app on my smart phone.

I attended a party last Friday, at which, I had a good time.  Plus, I was invited to two events on the 14th, but I think I am going to pass on both of those because I need a Friday night to relax.  There are 2 bake sales this month that I am contributing to, a surprise presentation for my boss that I am baking cookies for, plus a cookie social for the staff at work that I am baking for.  My kitchen is going to be hot!

There is another home game this weekend, so there is always the Tiger Tailgate.  I am purchasing a bow for Melody to wear to the tailgate.  It's so cute!  Speaking of Melody, I need to make a grooming appointment for her sometime this week in order to get the hair out of her ears (poodles have this problem).

The one and only Bryan Adams is putting on a concert in my town next week and I would love nothing more than to attend it, but I'm afraid it won't fit into the budget.  Also, I was invited to another concert on Monday.  I will have to turn that one down too.  There is a Ladies Brunch on the 23rd that I would like to go to as well. 

Mrs. P and I are going to see a production of Annie (we were both in this play in high school) on the 27th and I can't wait.  We are both excited!  I also attended a big Mary Kay event last night.  I was so glad I went too because the speaker was amazing!

We also have a fall float trip planned for this month.  Yikes!   All of these events are in addition to my weekly Mary Kay events, trying to flatten the stomach in order to look good in a specific Halloween costume, and keeping my apartment clean. Not to mention, the Movie Night Swap as well.  Did I mention that I have to work during the days, too?

It's so weird that I have all of a sudden become a busy person again.  I love to be busy, it makes me appreciate my downtime more.  My calendar hasn't been this full in a long time and I am going to savor every minute of it!

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Lin said...

You're all over the place! Glad you're getting out & being super social :)