Friday, September 28, 2012

Link Up!

It's time for the Movie Night Swap link up!  I am so happy that so many people got involved.  Lin and I thank you!  I can't wait to see what everyone got, so link up and share!

I was paired up with Shantel from Our Funny Little Family.  I was so excited when I saw the package sitting in my mailbox.

Bit of Honey and M&Ms, YUMMY! 

Isn't this little note card pretty?  I like all of the details on it.

I saw Music and Lyrics once, and really like it.  Now, I get to watch it again, yay!  I haven't seen Derailed, but I have heard good things and I have always like Jennifer Aniston.

Thank you so much, Shantel!  I hope you like your package as much as I like mine.

Now, I am a little bit of a loser and can't get the really cool link thingy to work properly, so, to share your gifts and see others, you will need to click HERE

1 comment:

Lin said...

Derailed is one of the best movies. Its has a twist that I NEVER saw coming. I'm sure you'll love it :)