Friday, September 14, 2012

Browsing in PetSmart

Last night was Melody's first grooming experience.  Mine too actually.  When we checked in at PetSmart, the ladies were very friendly and informative.  They answered all of my questions and informed me of other services to consider at a later date.  I also got to smell the different "perfumes" and decide which one I liked best.  I chose Mango Peach.

Melody on the other hand, curled up tight against me and began to shake.  It was so sweet.  I did my best soothing voice and petted her to help ease her into the experience.  Remember, she is only 14 weeks old.

She did eventually relax and I was told that the process would take anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half.  Since I didn't want to waste my gas and drive back home, wait a little while and drive back, I decided to browse the store.  I hadn't done that in a while.  I love PetSmart.  Absolutely love it.

Well, all of the Halloween items were out in full force.  All of the little costumes were adorable and I have narrowed Melody's down to a princess, a pumpkin, or a penguin.  She would look so cute in any of these costumes, I wonder which it will be. 

It was also Clearance time.  Jackpot!  There were bins and bins of clearance toys, treats, and gifts.  PetSmart has the largest toy selection I have ever seen and I spent a lot of time digging (yes, digging) through these bins.  I found a really cute little stuffed lion with a squeaker for only $1.50.  Score!

I went up and down every aisle available for dogs, except for the food aisle.  I knew what food I was getting, so I didn't need to browse that selection.  While browsing, I found the dental care section and there was a toothbrush that was three sided.  I think that will be a lot easier to use.  I may have to get that.

Even though we have shampoo and "perfume" at home, I looked through the selection and found a new spray that I would like to get when my other runs out.  It was Sweet Raspberry.  Raspberry is my favorite scent and now that I can get it for my dog makes me very happy.

Something that disappoints me a little bit about PetSmart is their doggy apparel selection.  It's really not all that great.  I think PetCo has a better apparel selection.  I was browsing through the little outfits and couldn't really find anything I liked.  There were a couple of sweaters that I thought were cute, but I didn't want to spend $20 each on them.

I am going to be honest here and tell you that I have spent a lot of time looking at travel essentials for my puppy.  I travel to my visit my parents a lot, we make trips to the vet, and we will be going to the parks too.  It gets tiring to carry the crate down the stairs and maneuver it into the car without scratching the doors.   Once the crate is in there, poor Melody can't see anything except for the glove box.  That's exciting.  What I would really like to get is a booster seat for the car.  This way, I only have to get her down the stairs and buckled in.  Then, she can look out the windows.  This is the one I like the best mainly because it is adjustable, can fit in the back seat, and doesn't need a headrest.

I also found a carrier that I would like to have.  This would be just for fun.  I don't know when exactly I would use it, but it would make it easier to get her from the car, up the stairs, and into the apartment while leaving my hands free to carry other things.  This is why the crate can be a hassle.  Somehow, I always end up coming home from my parents with more than what I left with and always have to make multiple trips.  It can be exhausting later in the evening, or when it is raining.  Some of you might ask why I don't put Melody on a leash and let her walk.  Well, she is only 5 lbs and the stair into the apartment are too big for her to tackle on her own and very intimidating from her angle.  I like this carrier, in pink of course!

After flipping through a book on understanding doggy behavior, I finally made it to the cat section.  I don't have cats, am not a huge fan of cats, but Mrs. P and her family just got two cats and I will be getting them Christmas presents.  I do this because Mrs. P gets our dogs Christmas presents.  And, finally, I made it to the fish section.  I love aquariums.  I have had two Bettas, but I don't have any fish right now.  In my mind, I have designed a cool aquarium and have selected the fish who will live it it.  The problem is, I don't really have a place to put an aquarium and stand.  There isn't any room in my living room, the office keeps it out of sight too much, and my bedroom is already full enough.  I know I will have one eventually, but I have to be patient.

A little over an hour had passed when I got the call that my puppy was ready to be picked up.  PetSmart has large windows that allow you to watch the grooming process and I caught a glimpse of my little sweetheart and she looked adorable!  She had been trimmed, gotten her paw pads shaved, and the hair out of her ears.  Poodles get hair in their ears and as half poodle, this was my biggest concern.  She had a lot of hair in her ears and when I picked her up, I was surprised to see that the inside of her ears were actually pink.  :)  Okay, I could tell that they were, but I couldn't really see because there was a lot of hair there.  To top of the grooming experience, she had a really cute little pink bow in her topknot. 

I learned that she was a little angel and didn't mind the dryer, so all in all, it was a great experience.  we will definitely be going back.  Thanks, PetSmart!

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