Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Recap...

I have pictures from the weekend.  A few pictures.  Although, you won't find any here because my flash drive that stores all of my pictures won't work and I am afraid of losing pictures.  I also don't want to same blogging photos to my work computer and I don't have internet in my apartment yet.  Anyway...

Friday:  I friend and I went to dinner and then to a local comedy club and saw what I would consider the best comedy show I have ever seen.  Even the opening act was hilarious.  Who did we see?  None other than Rob Schneider!

Seriously, my face hurt from laughing so hard.  Great, great show!

Saturday:  I enjoyed some breakfast on the patio with a new book and then decided to do some organizing.  I have a walk-in closet in my spare room (office) and it was desperate.  I have photos, but they will have to wait until another day.  The difference is amazing.

Then, my parents and I went out for lunch and then I went back to their house so that Annie and Melody could spend some more time together and I could hang out.  I caught up on some Family Guy and Drop Dead Diva too, which always makes me happy.

Sunday:  I visited my grandmother and introduced her to Melody.  It was amazing to see my grandma cuddle my dog and love on her.  She has never really done that before.  I also got to hang out with Mrs. P for a little bit before coming back for BBQ.  Dad is the best barbequer I know.  I also don't think I am biased at all. 

So, that's all I have right now.  Sorry for no pictures.  I am going to try and get that problem solved as soon as I can.


Michelle said...

Jealous that you got to see him!

Lin said...

Bahaha, well it's good that you have photos...maybe one day we can see them? It's so cool that you got to see Rob Schneider, I bet he's super hilarious in person. Have you seen his new show? So funny.

Glad you had a nice weekend.