Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap...

I haven't posted much recently, but I promise, I have a good excuse.  Things have been a little busy around the apartment this past week.  I will explain it all tomorrow.   This past weekend was so great. 

Thursday:  I met up with some old classmates from high school for dinner.  I felt a little weird about going because these girls and I weren't really "friends" in school, but we were friendly.  I haven't kept in touch with them either except for one.  But, I was glad I went.  We had a good time and I enjoyed catching up.   We are going to try and make this a monthly meet-up.  I think it could be great.  I really need to fill up my social schedule.  :)

Friday:  I spent the evening in with the windows and screen door open.  I watched Harry Potter and just chilled.  I got new neighbors this weekend.  I was hoping for a really hot young guy and instead, I got two skinny young guys.  Not so hot.  And kind of loud walkers.  Oh well.

Saturday:  I got up fairly early for a Saturday and enjoyed my coffee and breakfast on the patio with a good book.  The weather has been gorgeous recently, so I took full advantage.  That afternoon I got my hair done for the first time in months!  My roots had grown out 2 inches and were in desperate need of a touch up.  I also learned that the heating element in my hair dryer had gone out (I thought it was the new circuit at my apartment) and had fried my hair.  :(  Usually, my hair is really soft and silky at times, but recently it has been so dry, I don't even want to touch it.  Kind of crunchy.  But, all of that has been fixed and my roots look so good!  Thanks Emily!

After the hair appointment, I went to Mrs. P's house.  They got two new kittens and I wanted to meet them.  There was another reason I went there, but I will explain that tomorrow.  The two kittens are actually really cute (I don't really like cats all that much).  Very playful little things.  After my visit, I went to Mom and Dad's to do my laundry and catch up on some Family Guy on the DVR.  Nice.

Sunday:  I was invited to a Ladies Lunch with a girl from work.  I had a really good time and met some interesting ladies.  We all have different backgrounds, jobs, interests, and ages, but we all had a good time.  We ate at a local Mediterranean restaurant.  I tried falafel for the first time and was impressed.  I ate every last bite of mine and then some baklava.  Yummy!  This is a monthly brunch, so I am excited for the next one!

After brunch, I went to the grocery store to try and stock my pantry and fridge a little bit.  They were looking kind of bare.  I am avoiding Wal-Mart if at all possible for the next 2-3 weeks.  School has started back up and it is always packed with students.  I don't really like Wal-Mart all that much to begin with, so I try to avoid the crowds.  Once I got everything put away, I decided that it was time to organize the fridge and pantry.  They were so out of order and didn't make much sense.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, but just know that they look so much better.  I rearranged the shelves in the fridge to make more sense to me and the pantry items are grouped according to type (baking, pastas, snacks, etc.).  It feels good knowing that those places that I look at every day are prettier.

That was my weekend.  How was yours?

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