Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation: The Other Stuff

To wind down the vacation recap, I will keep everything short and sweet.  Over all, this was a fantastic vacation and I hope to go back to Branson to spend a long weekend in November.

We rented a boat and cruised Table Rock Lake for the morning.  The weather was perfect and the boat ride was so enjoyable.  I even got to drive a little bit!

We saw a show while we were there.  It is Branson after all.  We saw the illusionist, Kirby Van Burch.  A great show with magic, comedy, and big cats.

The shopping was great!  I got to go to my favorite store, Mark Ashton (I got a purse!), and found a new store to love called Versona.  Unfortunately, you can only buy in the store, so I will definitely need to go back.

The movie signs in my living room came from Kirkland's, another favorite store.  There is a store that is Christmas all year long and they had so many themed trees.  This one was entirely Halloween ornaments.  So cute!

There is another store there that had a wall full of masks.  I think they are so cool and artistic.  I want to host a masquerade and make everyone wear masks like these.

We enjoyed a fire and water concert on the landing.  The fountains dance with the music and there is fire too!

To close, we ventured out a little bit and went to a legit Moonshine distillery.  Yes, I said Moonshine.  They are a small family owned business that is growing.  They make moonshine, whiskey, rum, and vodka.  The moonshine is some powerful stuff.  Unfortunately, they were completely out of vodka, or I would have brought some home.  They also have live music and a Mediterranean style snack menu.  This was a very interesting place. 

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Lin said...

What a fun trip!

Omg if you ever host a masquerade I swear I'll buy a plane ticket & be there asap! I've always wanted to attend one.