Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation: The Food

I recently went on vacation with my parents to Branson, MO.  I love traveling to Branson.  It's such a fun place and has a lot to offer.  We always have a good time when we go there. 

For this post, I am focusing only on the food.  Something that I love about vacation is that you can indulge and not feel guilty about all that you eat.  Well, I don't normally feel guilty, but still.

There were a few places that I didn't get pictures of, but these were some of my favorite meals.  On the way there, we ate at Lambert's Cafe.  If you have never eaten here, you must go.  Their menu is full of good ol' fashion home cookin'.  I had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and fried apples.  It was so delicious and my meal was served in a skillet.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture.  The greatest thing about Lambert's is the throwed rolls and the pass-arounds.  The rolls are hot and fresh and fluffy.  The pass-arounds are country cooking favorites.  It's quite the experience and totally worth it. 

We found a nice little Mexican restaurant called Little Hacienda.  It was so good!  My dad tried BBQ enchiladas.  I never heard of BBQ Mexican food, so that was something different.  Mom's taco shells were flour shells that had been quickly fried.  My enchiladas were delicious and I may or may not have eaten everything on my plate.

A fun place that we like to go to while in Branson, is a restaurant and bar called The Rowdy Beaver.  We is one of only two bars on the strip and so much fun.  They have live music and good snacks.  There are always drink specials too.  On this trip, we had a bucket of Budweiser and nachos.  Yum!

On the Branson Landing, there is a BBQ restaurant that is perhaps the best BBQ I have ever had, besides my Dad's, or course.  It's called Famous Dave's.  Haven't tried it?  Go now.  We love going there and always get the same thing.  It's called the All American Platter and is the best route to go.  Especially if you are feeding more than a couple of people.  It  has a selection of pulled pork or beef, chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw, and corn bread muffins.  The greatest thing about this platter?  It's served on a trash can lid because of all it offers!  They also have 6 different sauces to try.

I was excited when we got to try out the Italian restaurant.  That's my favorite kind of food and my parents usually don't eat it much. Except for the lasagna and spaghetti we make at home.  This place was called Florentina's and it was really good.  They have brick oven pizzas there, but we each got our own dish.  Mine was supposed to have Italian sausage in it, but that got left off my mistake.  No worries though because my pasta with red peppers was still good.  I love when I can create my own dish.  Mom and Dad's included seafood.  Go figure.

Perhaps the best place we ate was Landry's.  I got a little adventurous this time and ordered a fish dish since we were at a seafood restaurant.  If you know me, I don't really like seafood.  I had the Mahi Mahi with Georgia Peach Sauce and it was so good!  I ate all of it and that's a big deal.  Mom and Dad were in heaven because both of them love seafood.  Although, I do have to give credit to their blue crab cake.  That was amazing!  My dad and I shared a cheesecake dessert and it may be the best New York style cheesecake I have ever had.  Impressive. 

That wraps up the food tour of Branson (at least, what I can remember of it).  If you ever get a chance to try out these places, you won't be disappointed. 

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Lin said...

All of this looks SO delicious but what's really catching my eye is that cheesecake...yum!