Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation: The Ducks

In Branson, a great way to take a tour is by riding the Ducks.  It's quite fun, informative, and unique.  The ducks are based off of the military vehicle DUKW.  This vehicle can drive on the road and float on the water.  Our captain was really funny and told the cheesiest of jokes.  We had such a good time.

On the road tour, we climbed up a mountain and along the way, we got to see all kinds of old military vehicles.  There were so many of them and I couldn't get pictures of them all. 

\Once we were to the top of the mountain, we got a great view of Table Rock Lake.  All of the windows on the duck are open, so there was a great breeze and view.  That was really nice.

After the mountain, we drove across the dam to get to the lake.  We were then informed that the back row (where we were sitting) was know as the "soggy bottom seats".  Why?  Because the ducks splash down into the lake for a cruise.  That's right!  It's very similar to going down hill on an amusement park ride.  We splashed into the lake and luckily, we didn't get too wet.  Only a couple of spots.

The ducks ride low, so I was able to stick my fingers in the water.  Table Rock Lake is so pretty, clean, and clear.  The cruise around the lake was so nice.  This was when kids got a chance to drive the duck for a little while. 

The captain was really good with his passengers.  I loved his jokes. My favorite went something like this:

Captain:  "Is anyone here from Kansas?"

Kansas guest raise their hands:  "Yeah!"

Captain:  "How do you guys like our trees?"

*cue laughter*

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