Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Well, it seems that I didn't take many photos this weekend.  It was a really low key, lazy at times weekend.  By the way, how is it July already?!

Friday:  After work, I decided to finally tackle a project in my apartment.  I got approval from management to remove the wallpaper in my kitchen and bathroom.  This stuff is hideous and filthy!  I couldn't get good enough pictures of just how dirty this wallpaper is, so you will just have to enjoy the before picture.  This project isn't complete yet, so you will have to wait for progress photos.  I also cleaned out a big storage bin I had filled with old trophies, certificates, and cake boxes.  It was a really weird box.

Saturday:  I work up late, meaning, I slept in until 10:30.  It was awesome!  Isabelle enjoyed sleeping in as well.  When we finally got up, I enjoyed my toast with Nutella and coffee breakfast and chilled for a couple of hours. 

See, it's been so hot here.  Triple digit temperatures with humidity for weeks, so I didn't do a whole lot.  I did manage to get all of my laundry washed, dried, and folded in an hour at the laundry mat.  I tried to read my book, but it's so hot that I get sleepy really fast.  I even tried to read inside, but that wasn't happening either.  I did take down all of my vertical blinds in the living room (25 of them) and cleaned both sides of each one.  The towel was so gross when I was done.  What was once a white towel was gray.  So gross.  I also took some time to organize the nice pile of papers I had going on in my office.  This was pretty much the extent of my day.  The rest of the time was spent watching Home Improvement and snacking.

Sunday:  Isabelle and I slept in again, but not as late.  We were up by 9:30 this time and had a simple breakfast.  Then, we just relaxed.  I don't think I did anything productive at all on Sunday.  I didn't even cook anything.  Instead, my parents and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner and that was about it.  Isabelle did get her nails trimmed and a bath, but nothing else productive happend on Sunday.  I did manage to get a picture of her being all cute in her big chair.

How was your weekend?  Are you experiencing a heat wave or heavy rains?

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Lin said...

Wallpaper...ick. I've never been a fan of it. Always reminded me of an old ladies house haha.

My weekend was spent in Las Vegas. It was fun but oh so tiring.