Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Very Hot Holiday

The 4th of July here was very hot in more than one way.  First, our temperatures reached 104*.  The average for this time of year is the mid 80s.  It was hot.  Second, my mom and a friend of ours went and saw Magic Mike.  HOT!!!

I wasn't aware of the actual plot or storyline of the movie, but I wanted to see it anyway.  Seriously, what warm blooded female wouldn't want to see this movie?  The only reason I wanted to see it was because of this guy and this guy only:


Great movie.

Oh, and we went shopping afterwards and I was able to get a mirror for my vanity and a bathroom rug.  After that, my dad made ribs.  They had been marinating for two whole days.  Yum!

The fireworks display in my hometown wasn't cancelled because of the extremely dry conditions, so we got into town early to get a good spot and enjoyed a fabulous show!

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Lin said...

Holy shit, that man is gorgeous. No lie, I'm gonna wait until it's out on dvd so I can watch it in slow motion haha.