Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress: Kitchen and Dining Room

When I moved in, one of the first things I noticed was the awful wallpaper that was in the kitchen and the bathroom.  I would be able to make this work if it weren't for the peeling and stains.  It was ugly!  I got approval from the management to remove the wallpaper and paint provided that I did the work.  They gave me the paint and I set to work.  Here is what I started with:

I was a little intimidated by the removal process, but was assured that it would come down easily because it was the vinyl type and not the paper type.  I was happy to see that the paper was coming off easily.  It wasn't until I was taking it down that I noticed just how dirty the paper was.  Gross. 

When I took the paper down above the refrigerator (not easy if you are short like me), I discovered something interesting:

AAH!!!  It that mold?!  No, just mildew.  After I spoke with the maintenance manager (an emergency call was placed), he informed me that it's common to find mildew around a fridge because of the cycles it goes through (who knew?).  If it were mold, I would be able to push through the wall.  As I couldn't not that and the black was coming off on my gloves easily, I just used some basic mildew remover and it was all gone.

Then, it was time to prime.  As you can tell from my previous post, I am not a good painter.  I went slowly and was very careful and tried not to get anything on me.  It would be nice to make it through a project without being painted myself, but I guess this was not that project.  After priming, I got to painting.  The paint they gave me came in a 5 gallon bucket.  It was too heavy for me to try and pour into my pan, but I got a smart idea to use the solo cup I had from the root beer floats the office was handing out.  Two cups was all I needed to do all of my kitchen.  I started with a thin brush coat, then the roller, then another thin brush coat.  It make seem like a lot, but it really wasn't all that much.

The people that normally paint and prep the units for new renters are some of the sloppiest painters I have ever encountered.  There is paint on every single piece of trim in my apartment.  Not to mention on the tops of the cabinets.

You can still see some of the backing from the paper that wouldn't come off, but it's so consistent through the space that it looks like the walls were textured and that is how it is supposed to be.  I am proud of my work and so happy to see the ugly wallpaper gone.  It is so much better now.  Here are the after photos of my kitchen.  I haven't gotten any artwork for the kitchen/dining area yet, but things are looking good.

I didn't realize how many cookbooks I had until I started to unpack them.  In addition to these (my dad made that shelf when he was a teenager), I have about 8 more on the counter.

And, the dining room.   That chandelier has a dimmer switch that I love to play with.  I am looking for a great art piece to hang on that back wall.  My theme for this space is "coffee".

 I can't wait to finish it up.  Now, on to the bathroom.  Oy.


Lin said...

It came out great! My favorite has to be your dining room & cookbook holder. Any chance I can go live with you, just part time maybe?

Gwen said...

Removing wallpaper is the worst!!! But yay for getting it off of those walls. :)