Friday, July 20, 2012

Office Supplies

It's no secret that I love office supplies.  I will find myself spending hours in Staples and many times throughout the week, I will browse websites like Staples, Shoplet, and OfficeMax.  I love these stores and I love supplies.  I even have my favorite pen to use. 

Something that feeds into this love is that I get to order all of the supplies for my people at work.  So, there are many days when I get to shop for supplies for someone else.  This week, I was in need of some things for myself and a coupon for Shoplet came through my email, so what luck?  My order arrived yesterday and I was so excited because it was new supplies just for me!  Check out the box!

Ooh, what's inside?  Look at all that stuffing, there must be something really big and cool in that box.

Well, there is where the fun goes a little south.  Office supply companies ship things in the weirdest way possible.  This box measured 14" x 20" and was filled with a mound of padding. 

The items I ordered didn't need and padding.  What did I order?

I ordered a wrist pad for my keyboard and one for my mouse.  That's it.  Here is the problem I have with ordering supplies.  The companies choose a box way too large and fill it with unnecessary padding.  You know the shipping costs for the company have to be high because of the size of the box.  Especially when these things come through UPS.  Not that the costs for the company matters to me.  It's that fact that the boxes are huge and a waste of materials.  Then, I have all of the padding in my trash can and the boxes collecting for recycle. 

It's crazy, but I still love shopping for supplies and I will always love office supplies.  I'm that nerd that gets excited for school supplies even though I am no longer a student and I don't have kids.  There is just something about them that makes me smile.

But seriously, Staples, Shoplet, etc., get your shipping process together.

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Lin said...

Haha, that's insane! I always wondered why they wasted such a large box on so little merchandise. I'm constantly shipping things so having a large box & all that bubble wrap is recycled :)