Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Isabelle (8/22/06 - 7/12/12)

Since Isabelle has been a big part of this blog (and my life) for so long, I wanted to pay tribute to her.  It was difficult to think of how to put everything into words.  She had so many quirks that I found so endearing and many funny faces and poses that ended up on this blog.  She was a very photogenic dog and looked so pretty in pink. 

Everyone fawned over her and loved to try and pet her.  Although, she was skittish of people due to her past.  She was getting better though and was slowly making new friends.  I couldn't have been prouder.

I have never seen a dog sit on their tailbone as if they were human.  This was common with Isabelle. 

She loved to hog the bed by getting right in the middle and not moving.  She was a little princess and a little diva.  She was also my baby.

Isabelle enjoyed getting dressed up.  I never knew a dog to try and dress themselves when a sweater was brought out.  She would put her head through the hole and then start moving her arms to get them into the sleeves.  Once she was dressed, she would run around the house and show everyone.

She loved to be near people.  This means that she had to sit on you, not just beside you.  If you reached out to touch her, be prepared to pet constantly.  She was very snugly and endured my hugs and kisses every single day, multiple times a day.  But, she wouldn't want you to put your arm on top of her.  She didn't like that.

Fetch was Isabelle's favorite game.  As long as there was a ball, a toy, a stick, or rope to throw and someone to throw it, she would play until forced to get a drink of water.   Then she would be right back with it.  She didn't care if someone threw it, tossed it into the air, rolled it across the ground, or even kicked it, she would chase it and bring it back.  Of course, the squeakier the toy, the better.  You could always count on at least 4 squeaks of the toy before it was released.

Isabelle was a built in barometer as well.  At the first touch of a change in the air pressure, she would run and hide under the bed and not come out until all rain and clouds past.  It didn't even have to be a storm, just rain sent her under the bed.

Isabelle enjoyed to roll on dead bugs and anything else that smelled foul.  Many times she would receive a bath after rolling in horse poo, fried chicken grease (thanks to my neighbor), cicadas, mud, and once, the lagoon.  So gross for a Miss Priss as we sometimes referred to her.

She always followed me into the bathroom as well.  While I would be trying to take care of business, she would try to stick her head in my lap.  If I were in the shower, she would first stick her nose through the curtain and lick the shower wall, then wait patiently for me to finish.  On the very rare occasions that she didn't get into the bathroom with me, she would be sure to bark when she thought that I had been in there long enough.

One of my favorite things about Isabelle were her laps.  In the evening, after she had gone out for the last time, she would run laps through the house for about 5-10 minutes.  She would get to going so fast she could run up on the very edge of the couch and leap over the recliner with my dad still in it.  Laps were very common in the house and boy, was she fast!

If you would open the car door, she would get really excited to go for a ride, even if you weren't going anywhere.  However, if she didn't go into a crate, she would bury herself under the driver's seat. 

She also always had one ear that didn't like to stay flopped to the front.  So many times one ear would flop backwards, giving her a mouse-like look about her.  It was funny and looked so silly.  She didn't care, but she would let me fix it for her. 

She had boundless energy every single day, but would know when it was time to quiet down, or when I wanted to sleep in.  In the mornings, she would do her morning stretches with her paws on either my face or neck.  Then, she would stick her nose in my eye.  I am certain that this was to tell me to finally get up.

Peanut butter was her favorite treat.  She had a Kong toy that would get filled with peanut butter and she would work on that until it was all gone.  It was a great way to keep her occupied while I did some chores. I swear she had a sixth sense about the peanut butter.  She would be in a completely different room and when I went to get the peanut butter out of the cabinet, I wouldn't have enough time to get the lid off before she would be in the kitchen watching the jar and waiting for a taste.

Something about Isabelle that you never knew was just how soft she was.  She wasn't just a smooth-coated Jack Russell.  She was so silky soft and her ears were like satin.  I would love to bury my face in her neck and run my fingers over her forehead.  She was so silky, even when she was dirty.  I would spend hours playing with her ears while watching TV, or waking up in the morning, or reading a book, or going to sleep.  And she would let me. 

I could go on forever about all of the great things about Isabelle, but I will stop here.  She was my baby, my companion, and my Pretty Girl.  She will be missed so greatly, but I know she is up in Heaven playing with my aunt, squeaking her new toy, stealing hot dogs from my grandparents' old dog, and attacking my grandpa's feet every time he gets out of the recliner.  She's having fun and waiting patiently for us to be reunited.  I love you, Isabelle, so very much.


Gwen said...

Such a sweet tribute to an obviously amazing dog! She was so lucky to have you as her momma! Sending hugs your way.

Lin said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about Isabella. It's never easy losing a bet, much less a furry best friend. *hugs*

Mrs. S. said...

I am so sorry to hear about Isabelle. At least you got some very good years with a very wonderful pet...more like a family member than pet.