Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project Central: Price Breakdowns

Well, I have posted to lovely before and after photos of the last 4 projects I took on, but I didn't tell you what a deal they were.  Please forgive me, but this post will have no photos.  I didn't take any of the actual supplies  I used.  Sorry.

Let's start with the chairs.  They were sitting in a friends barn for year.  They were dirty and cobweby and were about to be burned in a bonfire.  Well, I took them.  Technically, Dad got them since it was his friend.  So the cost of the chair was $0.  I then purchased a cushion for each chair, fabrics for the seats, primer, and paint.  Surprisingly, the fabric was the most expensive trip.  I already had spray adhesive, so that saved me about $6.

Total Chair Breakdown:
Chair:  $0
Primer and Paint:  $10
Cushion and Fabric:  $25
Total Cost of Each Chair:  $35
What a brand new chair similar to these would cost:  $50-60

Now, the desk.  I found the desk on Craigslist for $40.  I was a little skeptical when I went to look at it, but it was perfect.  This thing is solid wood (except for the top) and the drawers open so nicely.  The only thing I purchased for the desk was primer and paint.  Oh, and that weird little roller, but that doesn't count because I will be able to use it for more projects in the future.  I will split the paint cost because I used the same on the cabinet.

Total Desk Breakdown:
Desk:  $40
Primer and Paint $25
Total Cost for Desk:  $65
What a brand new desk similar to this one would cost:  $300

And lastly, the cabinet.  This is such a transformation.  The cabinet was sitting in someone's yard with a sign that said $25.  Well, since I was still at work, my Dad went and looked at after Mom had seen it.  Since it was exactly what I was looking for (a double door cabinet that was almost 5 ft tall), he decided to get it for me.  When he went to move it, the right door fell off because of a broken bracket, so he got it for $10.  Not too bad.  I already has the primer and paint, so that price was split between the desk and the cabinet. 

Total Cabinet Breakdown:
Cabinet:  $10
Primer and Paint:  $25
Wood Trim:  $15
Total Cost for Cabinet:  $50
What a brand new cabinet similar to this one would cost:  $80-$100

Not too bad, huh?

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