Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Central: Desk and Cabinet

Well, Project Central has come to a close.  The last of the four projects have been completed.  The desk and cabinet are finished and look fantastic! 

Here is the desk before:

And, here is the desk now:

Here is the cabinet before in all it's broken glory:

And the cabinet now:

The desk was a great piece to refinish.  It took a little bit to finish because of top.  I wanted to put a clear coat on top to protect it from scratches and such, but every time (4 times) we tried a clear coat, the pain would bubble up and it would have to be resanded and painted again.  We let the paint completely dry for days, but the clear coat wouldn't work.  We tried a spray and a brush on.  But, alas, clear contact paper it will be. 

The cabinet began as a laminate cabinet.  The right door was broken and you can't tell, but there was water damage on one side.  My dad and I added the trim to give it more support and finished look.  Then, Dad got creative with repurposing old hardware from the old trim and using it for the door brackets.  Looking at it now, it's hard to tell that it started out as laminate.

My tips from refinishing furniture:

1.  Get yourself an electric sander
2.  Use a very good primer and lots of it
3.  Those silly looking rollers that are really small and made for cabinet painting will be the best $6 investment you can make.


Mrs. S. said...

I love that cabinet! It looks amazing!

Lin said...

Ooh that desk looks fabulous & I can't believe that's the same cabinet. Nice!

AG said...

I love both pieces so much that I would try to buy them from you! ;).