Friday, June 22, 2012

Progress: Office

The office is so cute!  I love the white and pink furniture.  I chose this theme because, if you remember, I am a Mary Kay consultant and wanted a space that was insirping and colorful.  It looks so great! 

I was able to get my books out of storage and on a bookcase, which is exciting.  I have a dedicated area to work now.

All of my MK products/supplies are in the cabinet that my dad and I refinished.  I think it looks fabulous!

The mirror on the wall was found at a garage sale for $3.  It was a really dark green with metal panes in it.  Thanks Daddy for painting it for me!  It looks really good and brightens up the wall. 

Isabelle's pen fits nicely in the space and I am so happy to be surrounded by all of these fun things.  I find myself turning on the light and just looking into the room for a while.  I have always wanted an office and now that I have one, I am excited to plan my work and really dedicate myself to my business. 

That closet in the corner?  It's a walkin!  I won't show you pictures of it yet because that is an enormous organizing project!

Isn't it just so cute?


AG said...

I love the pink and white combination!

Lin said...

I want an office too! *pouting*

Love the say you have everything set up & the it.