Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Progress: The Living Room

Realistically, this was one of the first rooms done.  I was all officially moved in and unpacked after about 2 weeks, so please don't think that I have been puttering around this whole time.  :)  The living room looks big and open, which I love.

My original plan was to have the furniture reversed, but the stupid cable hookup was on the wall I wanted my couch and that just wasn't going to work.  The couch I bought brand new and it came with those awesome throw pillows!

I have two vintage movie posters to frame and hang up still.  Oh, and there is the mirror that my dad and I refinished that will hang over the couch.  I am not sure when that will happen, but I will post pictures when they do.  That big pappasan chair is the one that belonged to my aunt and I have had for years.  It is so incredibly comfortable and I love this chair.  The cushion isn't as thick as the old original on, but I am looking for one that is.  This is also Isabelle's favorite chair.  She looks like a little princess when she sits in it. 

Did you see my little balcony?  I don't understand why the balconies are not as big as the lower level patios.  My downstairs neighbor has at least 2.5 feet extra in width, but at least I have an outdoor space.  My little bistro set was a gift from the parents and my poppy plant is out there.  It's growing, by the way.  :)  My dog refuses to use the Potty Patch I bought for her.  If she goes anywhere near it, she only lays on it like a bed.  Ugh.  That thing was $40 and I wish she would use it.  Especially first thing in the morning because she has to sit in her pen until I am dressed and ready, so she only gets about 20 minutes to play/eat in the mornings.

My plan is to get a board to cover the floor of the balcony because some of the slats are a little far apart and maybe that is why Isabelle doesn't go out there very often.  It's weird to look down from the second floor.

Well, that's completes the tour of the living room and balcony.  I hope you enjoyed it.


Lin said...

Your living room looks pretty big & I love your couch w/it's adorable pillows. I never understood why the balconies weren't as large as the patios either, strange.

Michelle said...

Looks nice!