Thursday, June 21, 2012

Progress: Bathroom

The bathroom was one of the first rooms done.  I think that is because it was small and there isn't a lot to it.  I have a nature theme going in the bathroom and I love the earth tone colors.  It was very plain to begin with though.  After purchasing the soap dispenser and water glass, a little color made a huge difference. 

I found this idea for a rug on Pinterest and I love it.  After starting the project, I was second guessing myself.  This project was so tedious and time consuming, it got old really quick.  I spent over 2 hours just cutting the strips.  Then, I spent 2.5 hours putting it together and only got halfway through.  Last night, I finished up in just under 2 hours and decided that was it. 

The rug ended up being smaller than I had originally wanted because I didn't want to get another towel, cut it into strips, and only use part of it to finish the little bit I had left, so, it became this little square.  I don't think I will keep it for very long, but we shall see.  This was also one of the messiest projects ever!  I had fuzz all over the place and had to vacuum twice to get it up and I still find fuzz in places.

I found this little owl at a flea market a while back.  He was a deep brown to begin with, but my dad and I painted him white to go with my theme.  I  think he is adorable!  I still plan of doing a piece of artwork for the bathroom to hang on the wall, but that will be a little bit down the road.  This works for now.

PS--Please don't judge my crappy wallpaper.  I think it is as old as me and I don't like it either.


Mrs. S. said...

I love the shower curtain! So cute!

Lin said...

Ooh super cute! I'm crushing on your little owl.