Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barnes and Noble Marketplace

I have mentioned the Barnes and Noble Marketplace on here before.  But, have you really ever looked into it?  I can't remember what got me started with it or how I came to use it.  I think I had finally found a book I had been wanting to read and didn't want to spend a lot because I didn't know if I would like it.  Why waste $15-20 on a book you don't like in the end?  Well, let me just share with you how great and easy this feature this is.

I found a book that was on my reading list.  Notice that price--yikes!  I didn't want to spend that much even though it is a hardback book.  I don't know the author and I may not like this story.  I'm also on a tight budget right now since moving and I need to be smart about my purchases.

Well, look just below the BN price.  See where it says "marketplace".  This is where you can go to get the same book, whether new or used, for much cheaper.  See, the marketplace is full of approved independent bookstores and booksellers.  The books purchased through the marketplace don't qualify for free shipping, but shipping is only $3.99.  Look at how little I can get this brand new hardback book for through the first seller?  No way!

Don't care if the book is used?  Look to the right.  They will tell you what kind of condition the book is in as well.  Also, you can see where the book will be coming from.  You may have to wait a couple of days to get the book in the mail, but really, saving money is more important sometimes than the wait. 

Now, take a look at my cart here with the final total for this one book.  Remember, this is a brand new hardback book.  Can't really beat that price.  And, if I end up not liking the book, I am only out $5 instead of $24.  Pretty cool, huh?

The next time you are searching for a book and plan to order online, check out the Barnes and Noble Marketplace.  Not only will you be saving yourself money, but you will also be helping out an independent store owner.  

PS--I was not given any sort of compensation, nor was I approached by Barnes and Noble to write this post.  This is just my opinion about something I think is really cool. 

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