Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Recap...

For Memorial Weekend, my family and I went camping.  The weather was really hot and sticky, but we made due and enjoyed ourselves.  I will share some pictures with you instead of breaking everything down by day.  We played checkers, chess, Uno, swam in the lake, watched boats, hit up flea markets, went to my favorite coffee shop, got our picture in the local paper, stopped by the adorable pet boutique, grilled every night, went to a local bait shop with a pet alligator, had delicious ice cream, and took lots of walks.

That thing is real!

 Such a princess with her own chair

 Two toys for the dogs and a bow for Isabelle

 There was a bird that frequently flew by our heads and sat on our chairs.

 This sign was in the ice cream parlor

 Tom and Huck

I won a few hands, but lost over all...twice.

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Lin said...

What a fun trip! I think I need a sign like that to post on my cubicle wall haha.