Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Look What I Got!

I signed up for a coffee mug swap this month.  For more information, or to join, check out the cute graphic link over there-------->.

Anyway, my swap partner was really on the ball because my package arrived yesterday!  I have hers ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet.  When I looked at the box, I thought "Whoa!  That's a big box.". 

I opened it up to find another box wrapped in two layers of thick bubble wrap.  I hope she won't mind that I might consider reusing the bubble wrap.  :)

Then, there was this adorable box!  I tried to untie the bow, but then I realized that the whole ribbon just slid off the box.  Isn't it cute?

I love opening a box to find a nice handwritten note.  Those are so rare, and yet, so wonderful!  She has amazing handwriting.

After opening the box, the mug I pulled out was huge!  I don't know if you can tell just how big this thing is, but that is a regular sized note card next to it.  I think it has to be something like 14-16 oz.  Such a big mug!  It's funny that she sent this one because I have been on the hunt for that one mug that has character and is bigger than normal and can be considered the "cool" mug in the collection.

Check out those colors!  The design is so pretty and I am so happy.  Thank you, Courtney!  Be sure to check out her blog because this lady is a fantastic photographer.  I love looking through the photos she has on her site. Really, go look at them!

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Lin said...

What an adorable coffee mug! Big mugs are my favorite, nothing like having extra than having too little coffee haha.