Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let Me Explain

I apologize for just leaving you all like that.  I didn't mean to go almost an entire week with nothing.  It's been a really busy and kind of hectic week, so let me break it down for you.

Friday:  I sat outside until after 8 pm watching the birds and letting the dogs play.  After that, I spent the rest of the night watching Will and Grace.  It was great.

Saturday:  I planted flowers in the back flower bed for Mom.  It was also really, really hot that day, so we finally got to turn the air conditioner on and we took the window screens in to be fixed from the hail damage.

Sunday:  I cleaned out my closet because it was looking really bad.  I couldn't even see the floor anymore. 

After the only chore for the day, I sat outside and watch the birds while playing with the dogs.  Isabelle knew she was going to get a bath, so she decided to really roll in the mud.  She was one dirty dog and had mud all on her face and ears, and everywhere!

Monday:  Since the damage to my car was going to cost as much as the car was worth to fix, I decided to check out the dealership and see what my options were.  I found a great car that looks awesome and got a really fantastic deal on it.  So, I traded in my HHR for a 2012 Malibu 1LT!

Tuesday:  I got to go pick up my new car and drive it home.  It is so shiny and cool!  I love it already and it just looks so pretty!

Wednesday:  While I was taking a break from work yesterday, I decided to check out Craigslist because I have been looking for a desk that I can refinish and I found one.  Dad met me and Mom with the truck and we picked it up last night and then went out to dinner.  I am so excited to get started on this project.

So, that's what's been going on around here.  I have a feeling that this weekend will be filled with little projects and maybe a big one too.  Can't wait!


Lin said...

oh my goodness your before picture looks like the current status of my bedroom, I'm really dreading cleaning it this weekend. Dreading. It.

Ooh I'm totally diggin your new car. Congratulations! I'm currently in the market for a new one, what's the gas mileage on it?

Gwen said...

I love cleaning/organizing closets. Ellie's is first on my list this weekend now that she won't have to keep the uniforms for school anymore. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it.

Congrats on the new car!!!