Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorite Things Swap

I love swaps!  They are so much fun and I love to see what others are interested in.  Of course, you always have just a little bit of worry about whether or not your partner will send you something or if you will be left in the dark.  Well, I lucked out!  My swap partner, Heather, for Lin's Favorite Things Swap was amazing!

I waited anxiously for the mail everyday and was constantly checking for a package.  On the day it came, I wasn't able to open it right away because of some obligations.  I swear, it was like Christmas morning.

She had a special message that I love and plan to use in the future as inspiration:  "It's okay to be nice, happy, hopeful, imperfect, silly, yourself"

Would you look at all of this amazing stuff!  Purple pens, a cute little notebook, Nivea Mint & Minerals lip balm (which smells amazing), Sinful Colors nail polish in Rise & Shine, an Empowerment Bracelet (she must have know I needed something like this), Haribo gummy bears (the BEST EVER), poppy seeds (I have plans for these already), antibacterial hand sanitizer in Paris Amour & Warm Vanilla Sugar, and last but not least, the most thoughtful of all, a mix tape!  Okay, it's technically a CD, but it is filled with great songs that are perfect for sitting on the patio and relaxing.  I even listed to it at work when I want some soothing music playing.

Heather was so sweet!  I loved all of her favorite things and I really hope she loved my favorite things.  Thanks Heather!


Lin said...

Look at all the nice things you got, lucky girl. I actually carry a purple Sharpie just like that with me all the time, it's my favorite. And, I love that bracelet!

Thanks again for joining the swap, I'm glad you had fun. Hope we'll see you around for the summertime swap :)

Heather said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! It's funny we both put Haribo Gummy Bears in our packages! Mine were gone within a few minutes!!