Friday, May 4, 2012

The End of an Era

A couple of weekends ago, I posted in a weekend recap about the take down of our fence.  Well, this fence deserves it's own post because it had stood for 21 years.  The fence was originally unpainted when it was brand new.  It was painted black to make it look nice.  We painted the fence shortly after we had moved into the house and it looked really nice.

Behind the fence, we kept two calves.  I had saved up cans and spent hours crushing them in order to take them to the recycling plant to receive my first paychecks.  I was about 12 years old then.  We raised the calves and then, like any other country person, we slaughtered them for the meat.  It was kind of sad, but quite the learning experience.

One year, I was a member of the Builder's Club, along with two of my neighbors, and Mrs. P.  Out project was to paint the fence.  We spent hours painting the fence in black paint.  It was all over us and it took forever to the paint off our hands and to clean out the brushes.  But, the fence looked good.

Our fence was also complete with a red gate.  I remember Dad spending time touching up the red paint to make the gate look nice.  I also remember climbing that gate when I was young and thinking I was so strong.

Behind the fence, we also housed our neighbors horses during the summer for a few years.  Their names were Smoky and Bud (white and red respectfully).  These horses were gentle and quite, but still kind of freaked me out a little.  The were so big! 

The fence finally started to show it's wear and tear and was starting to look so bad.  Some of the boards were broken and bowed.  We were no longer keeping livestock, so the fence wasn't really serving a purpose, except to be a perch for the birds.  So, it was decided at the spur of the moment, to take it down.  We had a friend at the house with a chainsaw helping us cut down some dead trees, so we decided to use his help a little longer and take down the fence.

We started working on the fence at 11:30 am and by 5 pm, we were done.  After all of the boards were cut, and carried off, all of the posts removed from the ground, and the gate set aside, we did a ceremonial burning of the wood and toasted the fence that stood for so long.

It truly was the end of an era and the yard looks so different.  Old habits die hard too, because many times, the three of us have gone out into the pasture and come back, and we all started to walk through the gate.  It's funny really, but now, the yard looks bigger and better, the dogs have nothing interrupting their runs, and the birds have a new perch, a pile of logs from the dead trees.

So long, old fence.

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Lin said...

Wow, you guys have a great yard. I want one of those!