Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was a great one! I had such a fun, productive, and relaxing weekend. It's weird to see all of those words together in one sentence to describe an experience, but it's true.

Friday: I left work early (I actually got to use vacation time!) and drove back to the school I started college at for an alumni choir reunion. It was so much fun to see everyone again and perform on the stage. Even if it was for only one song. I loved seeing everyone and after 5 minutes of warm ups, it was like old times again. We blended so well and gave a great performance.

Afterward, we all hung out for appetizers and drinks. I didn't drink though because I drove home that night. I didn't leave until midnight and got home a little after one am. I wasn't tired until I was about 10 miles from home. Needless to say, I slept hard that night and didn't wake up until 10 am on Saturday.

Saturday: While Mom and I were on the patio enjoying our coffee and tea, a friend came to cut down some dead trees in our yard. We started working at 11:30 am and by 1 pm, we already had a lot accomplished. Then, it was decided to take down the fence that has been falling apart for years. This is a big project and surprisingly, it only took about an hour to get it all taken down. The cleanup process took hours though. We didn't stop working until 5 pm. By 6 pm, it was obvious that we hadn't eaten all day because we scarfed dinner down fast. I was so hungry!

Sunday: Sunday we spent catching up on all of the laundry. It felt good to get everything cleaned, folded, and put away. After laundry, I went to Mrs. P's house because I wanted to give her her birthday present. I was so excited to give it to her. I found a great vintage wooden nut bowl at a flea market (we eat a lot of nuts, especially during Christmastime) and a cookbook by one of our favorite authors. Mrs. P makes a lot of recipes from these books and it is always a hassle to remember which book has which recipe. Joanne Fluke finally put it all together. Yay! The rest of the evening was spent watching Will and Grace.

Today is Mrs. P's birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. P!

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Lin said...

You sure had an eventful weekend. I wish mine would have been as productive but honestly I didnt do anything but lay around & finish Mockingjay :)