Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Recap...

I really need to get these up sooner.

Friday: Isabelle and I had the house to ourselves this weekend because Mom and Dad took Annie camping, so it was just us. Friday night was a relaxing night spent watching movies and playing fetch.

Saturday: I had my coffee outside on the patio and Isabelle and I watched the birds. There were a couple of mourning doves that kept chasing each other. It was kind of cute. We enjoyed the cool temperatures and the sunshine, which was lovely.

After about an hour or so, I got read because Mrs. P and I had a day planned. We went and saw Mirror Mirror.

That was a cute movie and I loved how it was a different take on the fairytale. After the movie, we ran some errands (exchanging some pants and getting dog food) then, we went to lunch. After lunch we came back to the house and chilled on the patio because the weather was fantastic! Isabelle was really nice and sweet when Mrs. P was over and I was so proud of her. After a while, Mrs. P and I decided to have an impromptu dinner on the patio and her husband and boys came over and we had a light dinner on the patio. It was a very relaxing evening.

Sunday: Coffee on the patio again, yay! We had someone add a second bar in the master closet where there was just one, so I finished all of the laundry and got all of the clothes put away. There used to be just one bar on on side of the closet (3 total) and it was always a pain to put clothes away. Now that there are 4 bars total, putting the clothes away was a lot easier.

After doing some chores, Isabelle and I played outside for a little bit, but then it got really hot, so we came in and were only inside for about 30 minutes before the rest of the crew came home. Yard work followed the unpacking and I groomed the dogs. They are shedding there winter coat and the hair is a little crazy right now, but they both got baths and smell so good! I even got the energy to bake brownies.

They are chocolate with caramel swirl. Unfortuntely, I can't give you a review on the taste because I haven't really had one yet. I had ice cream for dessert on Sunday and haven't eaten the brownies.

My plan was to finish reading The Scarlet Letter, but I didn't even touch the book all weekend. I am taking my reading challenge to heart and am determined to finish this book. However, it is so difficult to follow because of the language. I am halfway through it and I want to hurry up and finish it so I can start reading a fun book. Has anyone else had a problem finishing a book?

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Lin said...

How in the world did you ever stop yourself from attacking those brownies? Sweet stuff like that never last very long in my house haha.

The last time I read the Scarlet Letter was in H.S. Maybe I'll pick it up again soon.