Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend Recap...

It's been a busy week here and I am two days behind in my weekend recap. I'm sorry I have been posting a lot lately, my boss has 17 trips within the first 6 months of the year and I have been busy at work. At home, my computer hasn't been working, so that means very limited posts.

Anyway, this weekend was amazing!

Friday: Very relaxing evening at home. The weather was nice and my parents and I had our first dinner on the patio this year! Yay! Dad's BBQ is the best and we had a great night.

Saturday: The morning was spent on the patio drinking coffee while watching the birds. They were house hunting this weekend. I know this because we have 5 birdhouses in the backyard and there were three sets of birds going from one to the other to check it out. Inside, and outside. It was so much fun to watch. The smallest birds took the largest house. There is a new one (#5) that I don't think they have found yet. But hopefully, someone will.

After bird watching, I cleaned the house and then my mom and I went to a Basket Bingo fundraiser. It was so much fun! I am not used to playing bingo where you have to make letters, or get double bingo, or do four corners. It was a lot of fun though and I won twice! I got this awesome tiger paw cocktail ring and a fantastic Pampered Chef gift basket. I will need to take pictures so that I can remember these things.

After Basket Bingo, I went to Mrs. P's house to celebrate Mr. P's birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. P! There was yummy homemade snacks (Mrs. P is a great cook) and I made a giant cookie cake. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them. I cherish that relationship so much.

Sunday: My dad and I went on our first bike ride of the year on the fantastic trail. I wanted to do a short trip (8 miles) because this was the first time in two years almost. Last year was either way too hot or rainy. Well, Dad didn't want to do the short trip. We ended up doing 22 miles total! It's really not as bad as it sounds. We have done this part of the trail before, but it was a little more difficult this time because it was really windy. The first half of the trip, the wind was against us and I was having a hard time. Dad kept making fun of me though because it was all easy for him. I must really be out of shape. It was so much fun though.

Sunday evening, we had another dinner on the patio and the dogs got to play while I watched the birds. I was exhausted that night and fell asleep to the sound of rain outside the window.


Lin said...

Sucks that you've been so busy lately. Hopefully things slow down a bit for you at work soon.

Dude, I havent been on a bike ride in years. That sounds like fun! Hope the rest of week is as mellow as your weekend.

Kim said...

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! Happy Spring!