Thursday, February 23, 2012

I See the Light

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? I have noticed this past week. It's not pitch black when I wake up in the morning and the sun is still hanging on when I get home in the evening. I have noticed that the light shines in through the bathroom window as I am getting ready and I can see my bird feeders when I get home. How can you not be happy when there is more light in your world?

The birds are really getting more active lately. I can hear them more and the feeders are constantly empty. It has come down to me filling both the cedar feed with regular seed and the metal feeder with sunflower seed no less then twice a week. I had filled the feeders on Saturday and had to refill them again last night. I can easily go through 10 pounds of seed in a week and a half. It's crazy! But, I really enjoy watching the birds and really look forward to being able to sit outside with my coffee when the weather gets just a little bit warmer.

It's been hovering in the low 50s recently, but I know that the cold isn't done. I know to expect a frost/freeze sometime soon. I am prepared. The sweaters haven't left the closet and the coat and scarf are always accessible. But, just for today, I decided to wear a lighter fleece jacket instead. It's a good feeling.

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Lin said...

Look at you getting ready for Spring :) It's been pretty warm around these parts, if I remember correctly it was about 78 yesterday.

Enjoy your longer/warmer days!