Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Recap...and Winner Announcement

Hi! I know that I am a day late in posting this weekend recap. I'm sorry. I also am a day late in announcing the giveaway winner. I'm sorry about that too.

Congratulations to Jolee! I will email you the information for getting your free MyMemories Suite V3 software later today. Thanks to those who entered. :)

Weekend Recap...

Friday: Typical Friday evening. Chilled with the dogs and my parents while reading my latest book. Nothing really too exciting.

Saturday: My mom and I cleaned house in the morning/afternoon. It ended up taking us about 3 hours and I am not sure why. Usually it's only about 2. Anyway, afterwards, we went to pedicures and did a little bit of shopping. I have put myself on a shopping freeze for a while so it was more "look shopping" for me. I did manage to sell an old ring I had from a past relationship that I just don't wear anymore. I didn't get a whole lot out of it, but that doesn't bother me. I was more concerned about getting it out of my jewelry box. I feel so much better having that taken care of. It was a bit of a release for me from past negative emotions. Yay! That evening, I did finish my book.

Sunday: This day did not go as I had originally planned. I was going to call up Mrs. P and hang out for the day with her. Well, I knew that there was a shelving unit in the kitchen that really needed some attention and once I got started, it was like I opened a big can of worms. With me, when I start to organize a space, I don't stop until that entire space has been organized. I organized the 6 ft. shelving unit plus seven cabinets in the kitchen. I didn't touch the drawers, because after 4 hours, I was tired. When I finished, I basically changed my clothes, sat on the couch, and watch HGTV for the rest of the afternoon. The kitchen cabinets look great though! I forgot to take pictures ahead of time, so I don't have anything to show you. Just take my word for it.

Next organizing project...my bathroom vanity/drawers.

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