Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

How was your weekend? Did your Monday go alright? Mine was a little rough, but it ended on a high note, so all is well.

Friday: I spent the evening baking cupcakes for our family Christmas dinner. I though they turned out cute. I didn't finish baking/cleaning until after 8:30 pm, so I decided to just lounge and watch TV with the dogs. Pretty low key night.

Saturday: In the morning, I took care of some household chores, then went shopping! I finished almost all of the my Christmas shopping on Saturday and I am so happy. I just need to get one more small thing for Mom and buy for the dogs. Then, I am done, unless I get my professors something nice. I went shopping by myself and I have learned that I get a lot more accomplished when I am by myself. Any time I shop with someone, I don't get a lot done, but I do have fun.

Saturday night, I got to get all dressed up and go with my grandma to her company Christmas party. Even though she has been retired for 11 years, she still gets to go to the party. It was a lot of fun, I must say. I actually ran into a few people I went to high school with. They had great food and gifts for the employees. There was over 450 people there too, which was insane!

Sunday: This day was our family Christmas dinner. It was so great this year to not have to worry about the gift exchange since we didn't draw names this year. We had a lot of fun visiting and lots and lots of food. I am so blessed to have such great cooks on both sides of my family. the food was so good and I had such a great time.

Sunday evening turned out to be another low key night. I didn't do too much because I was exhausted from the weekend.


Gwen said...

We decided not to draw names this year also. It definitely makes for a much calmer get together. The cupcakes look so festive!!! I need to start getting my baking plan together. LOL!

Lin said...

I love those cupcakes...I want one!

My families pretty big, like 32 grandkids big haha, so drawing names would have been a great idea for us. Unfortunately no one brought it up so sucks for them, they're not getting anything from me...maybe next year.

Glad you had fun at both Christmas parties :)