Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday! It's time to begin another work week. Hopefully this one won't be as long or go by as slowly as last week. What did you do this past weekend? Did you have fun?

Friday: Hung out with Mrs. P and S in the evening. We ate delicious snacks and watched The Change Up, which was freakin' hilarious. I laughed my butt off! Mrs. P is starting to get a little crafty and she has shown me her latest collection. It was a centerpiece of 3 little trees that were made out of ribbon, jingle bells, and ornaments on a red tray. It looks great in her newly painted and decorated dining room! I am so proud of her.

Saturday: I made my own centerpiece (well, for Mom, actually), and for the first time in over 15 years, I burnt my hand with the hot glue. It's not too bad though. Isn't this thing so cute?

In the afternoon, my Mom and I did a little shopping. We just got a new Big Lots, so we checked that out. It was incredibly crowded and the aisles were very narrow. Not extremely impressed, but they did have some cool things.

In the evening, we attended a birthday party for a family friend. It was great to have good eats, good company, and good conversation.

Sunday: My grandma and I went shopping again. This was the second year for our holiday shopping extravaganza! Last year we finished shopping in 4.5-5 hours and this year it took us 6 hours to finish all of her shopping. She even got a gift for herself. I did get a good start on my shopping, but I am not finished yet. I would love to be finished by this weekend, but we shall see. I still have quite a bit left to get on my list.

After I got home, I spent a good portion of the evening (1-2 hours) cleaning out my craft supplies. I have a ton of stuff stored in bins in multiple places throughout the house, so I organized it all according to purpose and size and have it all stored in one location. I can't wait to have my own place where I can organize it a little better.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I enjoyed mine.

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Lin said...

Look at you gettin' all crafty! It's super cute, I love it.

Sucks about the glue gun incident though. I remember the last time I burned myself, stupid glue landed right on my thigh.