Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Holiday Season To Do List

The list just keep getting longer. Just when I think I am pretty much done, I realize there is still more to do. Ever have that feeling? I can't complain too much because I love the holiday season. I really love this time of year and the joy it brings to people. I am a giver and I love to make people happy with little gifts.

Here is my list as of today that needs to be completed within the next week:

1. Wait for one gift to arrive through mail.

2. Wrap all Christmas gifts.
3. Get dogs' Christmas gifts.

4. Get professors' gifts.

5. Make dessert for Sunday's party.

6. Make sure cousin has a gift for grandma.

7. Remember to pay personal property taxes.

8. Pick up Christmas cards.

9. Fill out and mail Christmas cards.

10. Schedule gift exchange with Mrs. P and family.

11. Prepare monthly budget for next year.

12. Order new planner.

And this doesn't include anything that needs to be accomplished at work before the end of the month.

What's your to do list like? Are you the type of person that is always on top of everything, or are you the kind of person that is usually running around like crazy the week before Christmas?

1 comment:

Lin said...

I need to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend & budget. Two things I'm not looking forward to doing haha.