Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap...

It's been a while since I have done a weekend recap, so here goes!

Friday: These nights have truly become my relax and recoup nights. I don't do a whole lot on Friday nights. When I do try to do something, I am usually completely exhausted by the end of the night.

Saturday: I made a list of about 10 things I wanted to get done that day and I was actually able to complete everything on that list. I had to feed my birds again after just 5 days. They eat a lot more when the weather gets colder. I was able to give the dogs a really good brushing too. I spent almost an hour brushing them, and I think they could have used another hour. They got baths and are really soft now.

Saturday night, Mrs. P came over and I helped her make two rag dolls. I had made one back in August and it looked so rough and ugly it was cute. So, my experience made the second time around much better. These looked so cute and I was proud. Not only of Mrs. P's great work, but also because I was able to teach her how to use a sewing machine!

Sunday: I went to a baby shower for a cousin and she had so many people there! She also got a lot of great gifts and surprisingly, she only got one duplicate gift which happened to be socks. Pretty good for her!

I also went grocery shopping for the three days this week before Thanksgiving and now I am trying to write this post in the recliner with my computer at an angle because the two dogs have curled up next to me and are taking up my arm space. It's too cute!

I did a lot of chores this weekend and not a lot of really cool things, but it was a good weekend. How was yours? Stay tuned, GIVEAWAY coming on Monday!

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Lin said...

Fun weekend. We did some of our grocery shopping this weekend too. We were mostly on a wile goose chase for a full sized ham...yeah, hard to believe almost no one carried them this year. After about 5 stores we found one, for $43. Yikes!