Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Updates

Hi everyone! Do I still have readers? I know that I have been a little bad lately, but there is this big project that I need to finish at work and at home I have been busy too. Sorry, lame excuses, I know. But, I do have some updates for you.

In the last two weeks, I have:

Taken two personal days off and gone to Branson, MO for a girls weekend and had a blast! Found a really great bag, which led to...

A guest post on ProfessionGal

Started my Christmas shopping. I haven't made a full list yet, but I have good idea for about half of my people. I hope to have it finished by the first week of December.

Started learning web design

Have created two craft projects for myself

Met up with an old friend for lunch and spent 3 hours in the restaurant talking

Realized that I have been a blogger for 3 years!

There really isn't a whole lot, but it's been a busy couple of weeks. Fun too! I am really enjoying my time now.

Also, be on the look out because I will have a really cool GIVEAWAY coming up.


Lin said...

It's been a whole 2 weeks since you last posted? Wow time sure does fly! Glad you're having fun & staying somewhat busy. Can't wait to see what you got in store for us with that giveaway :)

Gwen said...

Fun!!! I've been wanting to go to Branson. I might need to get this planned ASAP. You've been busy but it sounds like you are having fun! That's always a good thing. :)