Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Major Accomplishment

Hi readers! I'm sorry its been a week since I last posted. Things got a little stressful at work and my laptop is acting really stupidly (read: sssllllooowww). Since it is the first day of November (where did October go?), I looked back over the goals I set for the month. Six personal, six professional. Well, I only completed 2 of the personal goals, and only 1 of the professional. Although, I did get a really good start on two of the professional goals.

A little disappointing, but there is one major accomplishment that needs recording. But first, please don't judge me since it took my almost 4 complete years to accomplish this.

I finally received my diploma! It's so pretty and still dated December 14, 2007. I can't wait to get a really fancy frame for it and my tassel. It's so nice to finally hold onto that fancy piece of paper. The paper that took me 5.5 years to earn. That's right, earn. I earned that sucker!

Why did it take so long, you might ask? Well, I never completed my exit counseling for my student loans. That's all. It was something the loan provided required, although I thought I had read that it was optional. Not so much. All it took was about 5 minutes online entering reference information and answering the simplest of loan questions.

I know I should be laughed and teased. Heck, I even laugh at myself. It is kind of funny. I thought I didn't get my diploma because I had gotten behind once on my loan payments. HaHa.

So, here is my advice to college graduates: consolidate your loans as soon as possible and when they ask you to do exit counseling for references (merely for emergency contacting purposes) and understanding of your loan...Do It! And do it soon!

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Lin said...

Yay! Congratulations on finally having your fancy diploma :)