Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Randoms for Today

Hi everyone! I don't have enough for an actual post today. Okay, I do, but I can't seem to organize my thoughts into substantial posts. So instead, you get a list of random thoughts going through my head.

I'm sorry, but I won't be posting a picture of my new haircut and color. Why? Because I really don't like it anymore. I liked it for about 4 weeks. After that, the roots started to show really bad and there is one section of my hair that never does what I want it to do. I also feel that the color kind of washes me out.

I ordered myself some new Mary Kay products and I got so excited when I saw that they arrived two days before I was expecting them. Last night, I refilled my makeup case and replaced all of my brushes. I am so happy now! I am also trying some new products that I haven't tried before.

My reading list is continuing to grow and grow. I keep writing down books I want to read. The only good bookstore we have near my home is Barnes and Noble and they don't carry half of the books in the store. I will need to order them online, which really isn't a bad thing. It's just that I really like instant gratification when it comes to shopping. I will share that list with you though. If you are interested in what kind of books I like to read, check out my bookshelf on the left.

I had gone through my office in the first 2 weeks and stuck post-its with notes. I had over 21 at one point. Now, I am down to 17. You may think that this isn't a lot of progress, but if you knew the people I work for (who refuse to get rid of anything), this is a major accomplishment.

I have been making lists for myself on a daily basis. One for work and one for personal. However, I am not completing the personal list every day. I have rewritten some many tasks that it is getting annoying. I need to do something about that.

I am wanting to decorate my office for the holidays and I can't decide which wreath to bring in. I guess that is going to come down to whether or not Mom wants me to make her a new one. We saw some really cool ones at the craft show that I would love to try and make.

I was teased on Friday at work because I didn't wear jeans. I guess they take casual Friday's seriously around here. They even wear jeans on days that aren't Fridays.

S left her crazy jealous boyfriend and I am so happy for her. I hope she is able to find someone who really deserves such a wonderful woman.

Little A's 5th birthday is this month and I have no idea what to get him. I have a hard time shopping for boys. Maybe I can get him something really cool for his bike because as of last week, he can ride his bike without training wheels! He is so proud of himself that he will share it with you at any time.

My fingernails were all nice and long and pretty. Then, they all started to break and I now have to clip them down and start all over. *sad face*

I have been really sleepy this past week. I have had to literally roll myself out of bed because I am having such a hard time at getting up. Could it just be the change in the weather?

I want to plan a girls' weekend in November with Mrs. P, S, and myself. It would be so much fun to get away for a weekend and enjoy each other's company. Maybe take in a show or go shopping. Hmm...

Well, that about sums up my thoughts for now. Hope I didn't bore you too much.

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Lin said...

Sorry to hear about your hair. Maybe you can post a photo once you get it back to something you like :)

I hadn't been able to find any good books until a PR rep sent me some to read & I'm glad she did because they're exactly what I was looking for. Our nearest B&N is about 30mins & it never has any of the good books in, I hate it! I want to go in & leave with a book not wait a week for it to come in the mail. I want it NOW! haha

I love post-it notes.

Teased for not being 'their' kind of casual? That's pretty lame. Everyone has their own levels of casual & maybe theirs is lower than yours...geez.

My nails did the exact same thing. I was so happy cause they were all pretty, long & girly and then 3 of them broke :( So now they're all cut off.