Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Ever Auction!

I wrote about a week ago of going to my very first auction. It was quite the experience and I have decided I will definitely find some more to go to. This one was for a friend my my grandma's. She moved to a smaller home and decided to sell what she couldn't take with her. I found a couple of items that I really liked. One was a birdcage and the other was a really nice punch bowl.

Since I had never been to an auction before, I got the run down from my relatives and went to get my number. It was fun to see everyone get excited over certain items. They started off selling things one by one, but then they had to start grouping items because there was just so. much. stuff. It was incredible the amount of items this lady had.

I moved to the front when they were approaching the birdcage and I decided that I wasn't going to go over $15. It came down to a bidding war between me and another lady. I ended up with the birdcage for $12! I was so excited.

Then, as they were approaching the punchbowl, I got closer to the front again. This time, I ended up with the punchbowl, a ceramic candle train, and a glass cookie jar. All for only $2! Can you believe it? I spent $14 total and ended up with 4 items.

Get this, as I was walking to my car with my purchases, they lady that was bidding against me for the birdcage offered me $20 for it. I had to laugh because she wouldn't go over $12 to begin with. I told her no, though. This was my first purchase at an auction and I was really excited about it. I had plans to repaint it and make it really cool.

Thanks to the help of my dad, I did just that. Well, actually, he did the painting, I just told him what I wanted. Thanks Dad!

Birdcage Before

Birdcage After

(It's hard to see in the picture, but there are subtle sparkles on it too.)

I also attached a little black crow (for Halloween) and placed it on top of my wine rack for now. I think that it will have a future home in the living room of my future apartment.

Cool huh?


Lin said...

Very cute!

Nicely done dad :)

ProfessionGal said...

Getting crafty, I see! :) I love it! I've never been to an auction, so I'm totally jealous of you. And, good for you for not giving in to the woman who offered you $20. She should have offered that amount in the auction if she wanted it so badly. Yes, it will definitely look fabulous in your future apt. :) Congrats on the purchase, Ms. Attitude!

Gwen said...

So cute!!! I love going to auctions and estate sales even if I don't go very often. You can find the best stuff to play with! Love the bird cage. :D