Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap...

What is with my sporadic posting lately? Oh yeah, I am trying to learn my new job. Which is going well, by the way.

On to the weekend...

It was fantastic!

Friday: Typical to my usual Friday trend, I stayed in and relaxed. Chilled is what some might say. I love wearing my big, over sized, comfy sweatpants and lounging. I also finished reading my book, "The Cinderella Pact". Such a good book, in my opinion. It may even get it's own review post.

Saturday: TAILGATE! I would post pictures, but I haven't uploaded them from my camera yet. It was a great day for tailgating. Chilly, a little misty, but fun. We ate BBQ with all the trimmings, and enjoyed some great people watching. Football Saturdays always have great people watching. Afterward, we went to a local pub to watch a little of the game. Mizzou kicked butt and by the third quarter, we were ready for dinner. So, we headed to a Mexican restaurant for fajitas. Yum... And that my friends, pretty much sums up Saturday.

Sunday: I did some things around the house and gave the dogs a bath and after that, I went to my honorary nephew (Big A)'s 5th grade football game. The kids were so cute, but the game wasn't exciting at all. Our team lost. Big time. And poor Big A didn't get a lot of playing time. Although, I really hope he sticks with football because it could be really good for him. He likes it too.

Then, Mrs. P and I went on a mini road trip to pick up her sister, S, from the airport. Such a blast! We had a great time driving. The worst part of the trip wasn't the rain, but the fact that we couldn't settle on a radio station. Mrs. P has a bad habit of catching a good song right at the end, and also, our tastes in music are such complete opposites. But, we still had a good time. Even more after we got S and we stopped for dinner. That was a lot of fun and we all need to do a little trip like that again. Soon.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

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Lin said...

I'm so glad the new job is going well! Sounds like you had fun & relaxing weekend. Mine was pretty boring. Cleaned & watched A LOT of tv, haha.