Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Recap... and Change #3

Hello everyone! It's time for a weekend recap. I am also going to fill you in on Change #3.
When I gave notice at my last job, I made sure to take a week to myself before starting my new job. I wanted to make sure I was able to relax, recharge, prepare, and enjoy myself. I spent the whole week doing just that. I feel really good starting my new job tomorrow because this past week has been amazing.
I started the week off on Monday doing absolutely nothing unless I wanted to. I slept in, sat outside, watched the birds, played with the dogs, messed around on the internet, and cleared some space on the DVR. Tuesday was spent doing paperwork at my new job and visiting my grandma. Wednesday I took my mom's bike to the shop for some repairs/safety check, got some books at Barnes and Noble, picked up some hair and nail supplies at Ulta, and spent the rest of the day playing with the dogs. In Thursday, I helped get things ready for our float trip for the weekend.
Friday, we went down to a friends cabin, played around for a while, toured his property, and roasted next to the campfire.
Saturday, some more people joined us and we spent the day sitting next to the river. I got sunburned because I wasn't exactly prepared. I did get to wear my new bathing suit though.
Sunday, we went floating as a group of 8 and I had my first experience with the Current River. It was a pretty river, but not exactly peaceful. It was really busy, even for a Sunday, but after about an hour and a half in, things looked up. It was cloudy all day, so we didn't have to worry about a sunburn, but is was a little chilly though. We saw a terrific spring, an old cabin/homestead, and a small waterfall along the river. Since it cooled down, we were able to sit close to the fire and warm up.
Now, I am sitting on my bed while watching some Home Improvement and will soon be getting things ready for tomorrow. I will need to pick out my outfit, pack my little bag, and get plenty of rest. Oh, and repaint my fingernails.
I must add that this past week, I only set my alarm clock twice. Once to fill out paperwork, and once to get on the river early. It was so great!
How was your labor day weekend? I hope you had a safe and fun one!

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Lin said...

I love the idea of taking a week off just to relax & get things together.

Sounds like you had a fun week/weekend. Although I can't imagine being sunburned was part of the fun plan :/