Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drop Dead Diva

Anyone else watch this show?

It's one of my favorites and last nightI watched the season finale. So sad! The episode ended with no absolute closure and now we have to wait until next summer to see what happens! It's only a summer show, but I gotta say, I need more than 13 episodes at a time.

Does Grayson really understand what Stacy told him? Does Jane find out that Stacy isn't into Grayson? Do Fred and Stacy get back together? Does Fred go on his own adventure or does he follow Jane to Italy? Will Parker get to know his son? Will he and Elisa get back together? Does Kim do a good job of running the office? Does everyone in the office already know that Kim was made partner? Do Jane and Owen make it in Italy? Does Grayson chase Jane to Italy to find out what's going on?

So many questions! How will I be able to last?

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Robin said...

I love it too! I can't decide if I want her with Grayson or Owen...or if I like that Parker gave Kim a shot at being partner when Jane clearly deserves it too.