Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change #4

Hello there! It's time to fill you in on change #4!

I have a new job with regular hours. After 3.5 years of trying really hard, I finally landed a job working with my Alma mater. I have always loved the school and had pride in it. Now, I can say I work for them. I actually work within the same college I graduated from, just a different department.

It's great! I am an assistant, and the work is completely different from anything I did in the past. I am really excited to because I get to use my skills in a different way. There are a lot of great people in my building and they are all willing to help if I need them. They are very friendly and welcoming as well.

I have my very own office too. It's fantastic! I spent most of my first day organizing the desk area/mess because there hasn't been anyone in my position since May, so it was in desperate need for a cleaning. Now, I have 8 file drawers that are all 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep completely stuffed with files and I have no idea what is in all of them. I will be spending a lot of time reading in the near future.

The job offered me better benefits, better pay, and better hours. But, the best part about my job is this: I know that when I leave at 5 pm on Friday, my job is done until Monday at 8 am. I will not have to be on call over the weekend. I will not have to worry whether or not things went well once I left, whether that was in the evening or over the weekend.

It's great and I am super excited!


Charcoal Renderings said...

Yay fancy new job!! That's awesome, good luck and enjoy yourself. :-)

Lin said...

After your crazy hours in your last job, I'd be happy to have a 8-5 job too :)

Have fun organizing your new office!