Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap...And Change #1

Hello everyone! This past weekend was great. Why? Because it was the first weekend I was actually able to completely relax. I didn't have to worry about any events, being "on call" or having to work. My last day as catering manager was Friday. Yippee!
Friday: I celebrated my last day with some champagne and played with the dogs. I also spent the evening making a cake for my aunt's birthday party. It was a 50th birthday cake, so I made sure to make it look cool with some tombstones I picked up at Michaels. PS, their Halloween villages are so cool! I want one really bad.
Saturday: I helped my mom prepare for the party for her sister, and then it was time for the party itself. The party was held at a park in her town, and the weather couldn't have been better. It was finally in the mid eighties and the wind was a constant and steady. We had a ton of home cooked food and lots of chatting with family.
Sunday: I did housework and then went shopping with Mrs. P. I am so happy for her because she got some new pants that were made for misses (she has a habit of buying juniors) and some other things for herself. She totally deserves it and the clothes looked great! I got myself some new underwear and leggings. I was not a big spender this weekend, but I will definitely be going shopping again soon.
How was your weekend?
Now, on to Change #1. If you remember, I told you of some changes that are going on. The first change was a new look. For my hair, what was once shoulder length with lots of layers in a warm brunette color, is now a chin length golden bob. I LOVE it! I think its cute and it definitely made me feel much better.
It has really been a time of becoming a "new" me and this hair style has set that plan in motion. there are more changes to come.


Ali said...

You sound liberated!!! new do's are good for the soul...I wonder what change #2 will be??? :0)

Kim said...

hey lady! so glad you got a nice relaxing weekend!! And I need to see pictures of your new hair - I'm thinking about chopping mine and I need to see some inspiration pics!!

Domestic Goddess said...

oooo I want to see a pic of the new doo! It sounds fab!!

Mrs. S. said...

I want to see the hair! It sounds cute! You should FB message me about this job!

Lin said...

Holy smoke, you definitely went for a big change! Long hair to super short...I like it.

Post of picture of it :)