Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fatty Birds

I live out in the country and we have a great piece of land. Especially for bird watching. We are surrounded by trees, but have plenty of open spaces as well. I took up bird watching about a year and a half ago or so. I don't know why, but I find it relaxing and a little entertaining. I have four birdhouses (2 are occupied) and 4 bird feeders. One of them is the one below, however, it is really starting to show some wear and tear. I also have one cylinder one dedicated to sunflower seeds and another one dedicated to seed too. There is also a thistle sock for the finches.

Well, I either have fatty birds, or they have started to tell their friends because I can't keep bird seed in the house! I go through over 15 pounds of seed (regular seed, plus sunflower seeds, plus thistle) in one week! Not to mention 2 of the suet bricks about every two weeks.

I was in WalMart yesterday picking up birdseed (20 lbs!) and I noticed some really nice feeders on the top shelf. When we had the blizzard in February, my feeders took a beating. I really like this one because the sunflower seeds are always the first to go because we have a lot of cardinals and blue jays. It actually measures about two feet tall and 4 inches in diameter. My current one is only one foot tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. Isn't it neat?

I also really like this one for the regular seed. It's a lot prettier in person and it looks like it will hold the same amount of seed my current barn feeder holds. The only problem with this one is that there is no place for the suet bricks, so I would need to get a holder specifically for those. By the way, the woodpeckers really like the peanut butter and fruit suet!

I guess I know what I will be buying when the summer clearance sale starts!


Lin said...

Holy cow, you've got some hungry birds out there haha.

Those are really cute. My grandma used to have a whole bunch of these. I think I'll go buy one this weekend :)

AG said...

You've inspired me to get a bird feeder. My cats would like it if I put it near a window for their viewing pleasure. :)

The Pink Chick said...

Oh I love birds and birdhouses! It sounds like your house is the favorite bird hang out!