Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had some serious storms come through our area late last night and as a result:

My dog was restless (jumping on the bed, jumpin off the bed, crawling under the bed, crawling out from under the bed, shaking, barking, etc.),

The lightning was constantly in my face,

The power went out and stayed out for a while. Which led to:

No air circulation because the ceiling fan stopped, the turbo fan (it's been hot here) stopped,

No clock other than the cell phone, which was out of reach,

Absolute complete darkness (not my favorite thing in the world).

Needless to say, I did not sleep last night at all. I have a long day at work and not to mention, a meeting with the second most boring man I know today along with his minions (way too many hands in the pot by the way).

I need a nap.

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Lin said...

You poor thing! Load up on coffee now & crash as soon as you get home tonight.