Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Friday

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you! I am so excited for the weekend. I have a lot of little thoughts running through my head, but none of them constitute a full post, so here is a bulleted list for you.

I am having a garage sale tomorrow. But, I haven't gotten anything priced yet. Oops.

I am hoping to leave a little early today in order to get everything ready for tomorrow's sale. Fingers crossed that this group in house leaves early.

I haven't been able to speak or type to save my life today. My fingers or mouth get ahead of my brain. I have made over 20 typos in this post already.

The boss has been on vacation all week, so my coworker and I have enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing and quiet week in the office. Too bad today is the last day.

Isabelle did so well over the weekend and I am so proud of her. This time around, she was the good dog.

Mrs. P and I have a date to see the new Harry Potter movie next Friday! YAY!! I am so excited! Then, on Saturday, we are going to the zoo! Yippee!

The weather seems to have created a breeding ground for flies this summer and there are at least 5 flies that are swatted every day in the office this week. Yesterday, I broke the fly swatter and there are two flies circulating the office. UGH

I need to figure out some exercises that will fill out my butt and make it cute. It has become very flat and I can't stand it. Eew. Gross

Today is my cousin's 18th birthday! Happy Birthday Cousin!

I am ready to take a nap already and it is only 9:30 am.

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Lin said...

Have fun on your Harry Potter date on friday! The hubs really wants to see opening day but I'm a little hesitant cause I hate crowds haha.

When you find a butt exercise pass it this way cause all I do is sit for 10hr/4 days a week. Can you say pankcake ass?